Lia Rose @ KFOG’s Local Scene CD Release Party, 8/28

August 31. 2011 | By Hillary Smith

Lia Rose sings with a refreshingly pure voice that is effortlessly engaging. Performing at an Aug. 28 house-party gig at a nondescript venue in San Francisco, Rose wooed the audience. The evening’s lineup also featured other local artists, including Goodnight Texas (formerly known as PWOLF & AVI), Victoria George, and Nicki Bluhm, but it was Rose who exhibited sincerity with both her gentle tone and her lyrics. She sat atop a stool barefoot, living behind her bangs, singing from her heart, and the audience loved it. Her peaceful sound of soft acoustic riffs paired with her smooth and fragile vocals offer something uniquely different. The event, put on by KC Turner in collaboration with KFOG radio was the perfect place to see Rose up close and personal. “And we carry on as we’re meant to, and we all find home when we’re supposed to,” sang Rose. Her voice seemed to linger around the room with a dream-like quality, probably because she sounded a bit unreal. If you want something a little different with a lot of substance, check out one of her gigs.

Download Lia Rose‘s When You Need Me Most for free here:

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