LIVE REVIEW: Girls @ The Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana 12/7/11

December 12. 2011 | By Samantha Saturday

Bay Area indie rock darlings, Girls, brought their breezy lilting tunes to The Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana last Wednesday night. Frontman Christopher Owens and company, including a soulful threesome of background singers, mellowed out the crowd in a way that one would expect from the San Francisco Bay Area group.

Owens led his eight piece group calmly and cooly through their set. “Laura” and “Heartbreaker” anchored the show, otherwise filled with airy and buoyant ditties that lend themselves to some serious chilling out that is typical of the band’s native city.

While the group’s slightly angsty aloofness serves well on record it seemed that their live performance lacked a bit of forward momentum. Throughout the entire show I was waiting for things to pick up a little and it never quite got there. I could, however, tell that the majority of the crowd were rapt with Owens’ sheepish charm and that’s all that really matters.

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