LIVE REVIEW: Film School @ Casbah 2/11

February 16. 2011 | By Vanessa

Film School @ Casbah 2/11/11

Los Angeles band, Film School, took the stage to a sold-out house at the Casbah in San Diego. There are certain nights when being at this venue feels like hanging out at home with extended family and friends. This was one of those nights.

San Diego bands Tape Deck Mountain, The Howls, and The Dabbers opened up for Film School. Their sets swirled around everyone like a dream. They even gave the audience an encore and rounded out the night with a fourteen-song set. The band played many of the songs from their latest album Fission which was released last year.

Film School @ Casbah 2/11/11

The passion for the music was evident in lead singer and guitarist, Greg Bertens, who has been with Film School since the beginning. Bassist, Lorelei Plotczyk, joined the band on Fission, and mesmerized the crowd with her entrancing vocals. There’s an ethereal quality to their music, much of which was maintained by the emotion of the keyboards, played by Jason Ruck. The intensity was driven by James Smith on drums. There’s another guitarist, Dave Dupuis, who wasn’t on stage for this particular Casbah show.

Their latest release brings about a change in sound for the band. The music is lush and tasty with hypnotizing harmonies. Luckily, the new direction is definitely working.

Photos by:  Sarah Lahey Stewart

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