Father John Misty @ The Moore, Seattle 10/6/13

October 14. 2013 | By Christine Cook

The renovated Moore theatre, a historic Seattle landmark, was the setting for the second stop of Josh Tillman’s unique Father John Misty “Solo” tour.

Despite the absence of a full band, Tillman’s stripped down set stayed consistent with his usual antics. The show began with a spotlight set on a scantily clad woman wearing a bunny head, a presence that went nearly completely unaddressed by Tillman until the end of the show when an audience member asked to be introduced to said bunny and Tillman responded with “what bunny?”

Father John Misty @ The Moore, Seattle, WA 10/6/13

Along with his wry sense of humor, a special aspect of seeing Tillman live is the flare he gives his songs; adding lyrics such as, “I have very little fans” to “Only Son Of The Ladiesman” and, “wanna make satirical perfume that won’t decompose” to “Learning to Love The War,” as well as supplying his opinion on the Bible in “Everyman Needs A Companion.”

Perhaps the biggest perk, however, is hearing his brand new material. Before introducing new songs, Tillman ordered something to come down from the ceiling, saying his “marketing team” found how people liked to hear new music. For the next few tracks Tillman played behind a giant cardboard cutout of an iPhone. “Taste the sweet burn of irony,” he said to the laughing crowd.

Father John Misty @ The Moore, Seattle, WA 10/6/13

His new songs are far more direct and less satirical than what can be found on Fear Fun. Tillman has stepped away from the moniker of Father John Misty, which allowed him a new name, into more personal territory. Needless to say, his new material is fantastic. Lyrics are focused and pointed, telling stories of “white girls,” first meetings, political stances, and proposals – much of which is obviously inspired by his recent engagement to girlfriend Emma Garr.

Father John Misty @ The Moore, Seattle, WA 10/6/13

Tillman’s solo tour seems to point in the direction he is going creatively, a step away from psychedelic towards tasteful, and beautifully honest, sentimentality. This intimate evening with Tillman is a must-see for any Father John Misty fan.

See more photos of the intimate show HERE!

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