Au Revoir Simone @ Slim’s, SF 10/23/13

October 28. 2013 | By Kelley Bennett

Armed with a slew of keyboards and all three ladies sporting killer bangs, Brooklyn’s Au Revoir Simone shielded San Francisco fans from the cold and fog on Wednesday night. The trio was in town supporting their first album in four years, entitled Move In Spectrums, which marks a significant departure from the dreamy, weightless quality of their previous three releases.

Au Revoir Simone @ Slim's, SF 10/23/13

While their lo-fi aesthetic is still very much alive and well, Au Revoir Simone have started to cut loose – and in no place is it more evident than their live show. In the midst of the group’s haunting three-part harmonies and chilly, Beach House-esque synthesizers were pockets of anthemic pop (“The Lead Is Galloping”) and, dare we say it, funk (“Gravitron”).

Au Revoir Simone @ Slim's, SF 10/23/13

Au Revoir Simone @ Slim's, SF 10/23/13

On several occasions, the band even delved into semi-psychedelic jam sessions – a particularly interesting thing to experience from a band that normally epitomizes poise and grace on stage – before drifting back to their signature confectionary goodness. Needless to say, we’re digging this new, experimental side of ARS, and look forward to seeing where it takes them next.

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