FREELOADER FRIDAY: ANR, Library Voices, Seapony, Sleeping in the Aviary, more

August 19. 2011 | By Dustin Shey

This weeks Freeloader Friday has no theme. It has no stylistic continuity. Merely, these are great bands that we think deserve some attention. If you just want to listen to them like a radio – press SHUFFLER, right over here ————>

Up first from Miami we have new psychedelic synth duo ANR who is giving away their debut track “New Armor” in support of their upcoming release Stay Kids Deluxe Edition out September 13th via 10k Islands. We’re looking forward to this one.

ANR – New Armor (right click to download)

With his first EP due out 9/10/11 titled Watchers, Red Eye Fugu is the stage name of Los Angeles-based Enzo Tiano. The music could be thrown easily into a ‘electro-funk’ category, lending itself nicely to your own personal almost-porn-worthy music collection.

Red Eye Fugu– Night Runner (right click to download)

Sleeping Bag (above) released their first full length s/t this past Tuesday, a lo-fi hooky record that is sure to delight even the most elite hipsters. Today they’ll head out on the road for tour through Illinois, Georgia, New York, and more. Check out the tour dates if you’re over on that side of the country.

Sleeping Bag – Beside (right click to download)

A rambunctious group of fellas, Sleeping in the Aviary is also about to release an EP, You and Me, Ghost on September 6th. Their driving guitars and noisy melodies are a good start to your usual weekend debauchery.

Sleeping in the Aviary– Talking out of Turn (right click to download)

Back in May, Seapony released their full length Go With Me, a distorted and noisy record that would have children of the 1950’s dancing and scratching their heads at the same time. Go ahead and download “Dreaming” below.

Seapony – Dreaming by hardlyartrecords

Canada’s Library Voices are about to release their second full length album in October, Summer Lust. They just dropped their MP3 this week so you can get get acquainted with their brand of noise rock and catch them on their massive tour through October.

Library Voices – Generation Handclap by Nevado

Carrie Clarke and the Lonesome Lovers out of Seattle debuted their poppy “Bum Bah Dum” single this week, with an upcoming album due out October 4th. Check out the track below.
Carrie Clarke and the Lonesome Lovers – Bum Bah Dum


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