FREE TICKETS: Taylor Locke & The Roughs @ Bootleg Bar, LA 10/21/11

October 18. 2011 | By Trina N. Green

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Look, chances are that many bands that share the same stage on any given night don’t know one another from a hole in the wall, and that just seems sad. No familiarity or history, no bond or camaraderie. And definitely no past drunken stories about hookers to share with the audience.

On October 21st Los Angeles’ Taylor Locke & the Roughs have a headlining show at the Bootleg Bar along with LA-based rockers, Sabrosa Purr and this show has epic written all over it. Taylor Locke is lead guitarist in the band, Rooney, but has struck out quite nicely on his own with The Roughs. Sabrosa Purr? Well, they’re one of SoCal’s best and sexiest who I’ve chatted about here. But, again, these bands knew little of one another. So in the spirit of “getting to know you” they hooked up, band bromance-style; Taylor and Will Love (Sabrosa Purr’s singer) had a “date night.” Literally. Not kidding. Hey, this is Hollywood; we can do that.

Anyhoo, considering that neither band has backed out of the show, it’s safe to say that it all worked out quite nicely. Taylor and Will talked, drank, listened to some tunes, had a pillow fight, and bonded to the point where they could answer some simple questions:

The Owl Mag: What’s sexy about the other band’s music?
Taylor: [re: Sabrosa Purr] The tune “Fashion Kills” has a sexy ass vocal effect. It’s stylized. I love that kind of shit. Their production is well considered. It’s controlled mayhem. Loud guitars are always sexy (unless its nu-metal, which doesn’t exist anymore, right?). Will’s voice reminds me of Gaz Coombes from Supergrass. One of my faves.

Will: [re: Taylor Locke & the Roughs] Listen to the intro to their song “Jennifer,” it makes you want to crank the shit outta your car stereo and call that girl you like, but think is outta your league and finally ask her out. If there’s only one thing a good rock song should make you wanna do, that’d probably be it. There’s a Tom Pettyness to it, which is in my book one of the biggest compliments I can give a fellow musician because Tom Petty is a total pimp. Taylor’s voice and guitar playing in “What Have I Done” convinced me to buy what I’d been streaming for free.

Sabrosa Purr

The Owl Mag: Would this show make a good date night?
Taylor: Absolutely. Sabrosa have half male and half female band membership, which is like a double date in and of itself. My band hasn’t figured out how to write songs about anything other than girls/sex/romance/relationships yet, so I think it’s a very date appropriate show.

Will: Take your date to dinner. Never take a girl to watch some dudes singing and playing guitar! I’d advise coming with your guy friends or your girl friends because it’ll be raining sex-vibes from every direction in that joint. Come to this show to do things you shouldn’t or wouldn’t. [Making sure I have a camera, Will]

The Owl Mag: Who has cooler hair?
Taylor: Will has the haircut I tried to maintain for years, but my (very thick) texture couldn’t pull it off. It was always too “loafy.”

Will: I’d say Taylor, hands down, but I don’t wanna slight my own hair and make it feel unappreciated. It has a mind of its own and decides to grace me or curse me at will.

The Owl Mag: If not the band’s singer, what would your position in the band be (bassist, water boy, groupie, etc.)?
Taylor: If I wasn’t the singer, I’d be the bartender, cuz my band knows how to driiiink.

Will: I’d like to be Jeff [guitarist] in my band. That dude gets to have all the fun!

The Owl Mag: Is there anything better than peanut butter?
Taylor: I prefer almond butter.

Will: Better than peanut butter? No. As good as? Yes. Sex, music, peanut butter, and kittens. Sadly, there’s no way to combine them all. At least not without scarring the kitten for life.

The Owl Mag: Any additional info, witticisms, or random insights that you care to share?

Will: I’d like to commend Taylor for his gentlemanly invitation to talk shop over some drinks. I kind of think more of us from different bands should do that. In 2011, we’re all basically that string quartet on the deck of the Titanic. Sharing a drink and war stories might help keep us all sane.

Wise words, my friend. Bands, take notes.

On Friday, October 21st, Taylor Locke & The Roughs, along with the sexiness of handpicked Sabrosa Purr, will make everyone rock and dance at the Bootleg Bar. So here we are with a pair of tickets to the show because we know you want to go. Leave a comment below telling us what song makes you dance so that you don’t even care who’s watching. Contest ends 10/20.

Taylor Locke and The Roughs – Tarred, Feathered & Scarlet Lettered by WILD TONIC

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