FREE TICKETS: Field Report @ Hotel Cafe, LA 8/25/12

August 21. 2012 | By Trina N. Green

The tradition of storytelling through song tends to show how relatable all things in life are and its capacity for emotional connectivity is endless. Considering that Chris Porterfield has traveled the veteran singer-songwriter road to include bands that have come and gone (DeYarmond Edison), we’re pretty sure that he has a story or two to tell, and tell them he does with a Springsteen-like vibe of Americana, folk, poetic lyrics, and lush retrospection. His tune “Taking Alcatraz” is all about boldly taking a step forward.

“Taking Alcatraz” by Field Report

Porterfield’s new project, Field Report (which just happens to be an anagram for Porterfield), is coming to Los Angeles for a gig at Hotel Cafe, for which we happen to have a pair of tickets for some lucky person. If you want to go to the show just send us your full name in an email to with “Field Report @ Hotel Cafe” as the subject line and we’ll pick a winner.

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