The Donnas Play Queen Bees and Hit the Road with The Hives

January 24. 2008 | By Jules Shapiro

When we heard The Donnas and The Hives were playing at The Fillmore together, we instantly craved the early 00’s. Nothing has been as exciting this decade as when the old manager of Oasis discovered The Hives and released a “best of” only two albums into their career with Your New Favourite Band. Their skinny ties were delicious and Pelle Almqvist’s sexy mod hair was simply perfect and irresistible. The band revived garage rock, smart fashion, and made pop music seem pretty all right to like again. “Hate to say I told you so” but Almqvist was to blame for this writer’s unhealthy mod rock star infatuation that carried over until the teen years ended.

The Donnas have also grown with the rest of us and have come a long way since the Drive Me Crazy soundtrack of the late 90’s. These ladies have morphed into independent queen bees, masters of their own destiny, now owning their own record label Purple Feather Records. Our Bay Area darlings are the leading force behind the entire tour with The Hives, showing us that women can also lead in the new millennium, not just follow with their fishnets hanging out.

Get ready for a rock match made in heaven when The Donnas and The Hives play at The Fillmore in San Francisco on February 20, 2008.

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