New Owl Mag Feature: OUT ON A LIMB

December 07. 2011 | By Frank Starke

Welcome to Out On A Limb. Over the last 6 years The Owl Mag has focused primarily on bringing you the most relevant news, reviews, and overall, what’s happening in music. We’ve strived to become your primary source of information for the bands we love. We think we can offer you more.

After working together, drinking together, and some of us even sleeping together (hey we’ve got married couples on the team!)…we’ve realized we’re some pretty thoughtful, opinionated, and sometimes just absurd Owls. Until now our ranting has been confined to long emails, drunken ramblings, or conversation about why my opinion is more important than yours. Rather than letting these conversations disappear into thin air, we’re collecting these thoughts, rants, and questions into one place. We’re calling this: Out On A Limb. We hope you join in on the conversation. Share your thoughts with us. Let us know when you agree or when we are simply full of shit.

Oh, and here is the part where I tell you the opinions expressed in Out On A Limb are of the writers’ and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of The Owl Mag, although some of them most certainly do.

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