High School Reunion: Hooter Hicks (1998-2002)

December 22. 2011 | By Hooter Hicks

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It seems like my high school years were ages ago. My music selection has played a pivotal role in my life, as I am sure it has for most, but many of my fondest high school memories revolved around music. With the likes of skate punk/hardcore/ska from the early age of seven, of which I owe to my older brothers. While the rest of my classmates were enjoying the latest from Nelly and Jay-Z, I was destroying my eardrums with the sounds of Face to Face, Stretch Arm Strong, and Mustard Plug. I took this music to heart and created a ska punk band with one of my brothers and a few friends, which gained some popularity in my local area. Since then not a lot has changed in my choice of music.

Face to Face – Disappointed

Alkaline Trio – Stupid Kid

Mustard Plug – Everything Girl

Strife – Blistered

Stretch Arm Strong – For The Record

Blink 182 – Whats My Age Again?

Mxpx – Responsibility

Kid Dynamite – Ph Decontroler

Hot Rod Circuit – The Pharmacist

Less Than Jake – Gainesville Rock City

Thursday – Understanding in a Car Crash

No Use For A Name – Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me?

Minor Threat – Straight Edge

H2O – Spirit of ’84

Social Distortion – I Was Wrong

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Break Up With His Girlfriend

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