HIGH SCHOOL REUNION: Frank Starke (1981-1985)

October 06. 2011 | By Frank Starke

Arguably, since the 1950s when Elvis Presley gave birth to rock ‘n roll, a unique soundtrack has defined every decade. The Beatles ushered in the British Invasion of the ’60s and the Bee Gees with the help of Saturday Night Fever nearly killed rock with disco in the ’70s. I am proud to claim the ’80s as the generation that not only annihilated disco, but also redefined forever what sounds would be considered music.

As a kid, I refused to wear bell bottom jeans and silk shirts. The moment I saw Darby Crash wearing black boots and tight jeans I dove into punk rock head first. Not only did punk define my fashion choices, but many of the libertarian views I believe today began with the question-authority-anarchy-can-work lyrics sung by bands from The Germs in Los Angeles to Stiff Little Fingers in Belfast. More importantly I realized I could start a legitimate band with people who didn’t know how to play their instruments.

Germs – Lexicon Devil

Black Flag – Revenge

Crass – Big A Little A

Minor Threat – Straight Edge

Stiff Little Fingers – 78 RPM

Angelic Upstarts – Let’s Speed

The Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The U.K.

Circle Jerks – Red Tape

The Jam – That’s Entertainment

Madonna – Lucky Star
(Yes, I loved Madonna & still do)

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