June 18. 2021 | By Wayne Jessup

With a new LP Twin Plagues due out 8/13, North Carolina band Wednesday have unveiled two videos for singles so far. “Handsome Man” was the first, with the storming track being perhaps the best no-chorus song since Squeeze’s “Up The Junction”, working in a hat tip to Red House Painters “Cruiser” for good measure. Kicking off with a scree of feedback that drops into a broadside riff, it’s a great ride for several listens, and then you focus on the lyrics, and it only deepens. The first line “whistling past the graveyard” takes a cliche and drills our current shared reality.

“Cody’s Only” works on a more subtle, but equal level of ear worm, twisting through a strummed open to arrive at a crunchy conclusion. They’ve established a satisfying template of interior evocations over a guitar exorcism and following up last year’s I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone is no small feat, but based on the evidence so far, it looks like the sky’s the limit for Wednesday.

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