November 30. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup
Photo: Lil Ghost (carousel photo: Ambar Navarro)

The Paranoyds return to action with their latest single “Hotel Celebrity” and an Ambar Navarro directed video that offers their take on West Coast beauty standard culture. It’s from their Pet Cemetery EP, out now on Suicide Squeeze Records. 

The LA quartet: Staz Lindes, Laila Hashemi, Lexi Funston, and David Ruiz cut their teeth backing up various EP’s, splits, and singles with relentless gigging, sharpening their sound to the breakthrough of their 2019 debut full-length Carnage Bargain. This year, they’ve already whet the appetite with spring single “Memory Foam”, saved from the Carnage sessions, and the summer release of the career spanning See You In Hell! demos.

“Hotel Celebrity” shows off their kinetic energy, while the title track dials into something darker. A limited run (750) of the 7” single on coke bottle clear vinyl is available to order through Bandcamp. We’ll eagerly await both their return to the road and new sonic adventures.

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