May 08. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

We won’t even try to compete with Stress Dreams’ bio, we’ll just share it in all it’s glory: “San Francisco trio offers absolutely no comfort during most difficult period in modern times; releases EP instead. Songs are mixture of veiled threats and pleas for help. Recommended listening for all of my enemies.” Maggie is their new EP, seven cuts of noisy, righteous garage cacaphony that reveal a sly melodic sense as it unfolds. 

Making a splash with last years Demos, which in addition to their originals, included scrappy covers of Strawberry Switchblade’s “Seaside (Go Away)” and the Swirlies “Pancake”. The EP retains three cuts, “Happy Birthday”, “White Noise”, and “In Event of Moon Disaster”, and sands off the rough edges, the growth already evident. Maggie opens with “In Event of Moon Disaster”, now transitioned to an instrumental. “Happy Birthday” shifts it into gear: “Happy Birthday, I won’t be there and I hope you don’t have any fun…”, setting the tone for the rest of the ride. 

“Stress Dreams” (the song) is the fine leather glove that wraps up the internal turmoil of our current situation perfectly. The title track is a noise interlude, providing a pause to reflect. Stress Dreams fully hit their stride on the second half, with “Garbanzo” and “Babycakes” unveiling their full powers. Closer “White Noise” is the icing on the cake, serving up the closing argument. In under 15 minutes, Kiana, Caity, and Jäke have fully made their case.

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