April 12. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup
Photo by Erik Oseto

Way back in 2017, we shined a light on SF’s Soar, riffing on their Dark/Gold LP. With little ado, the quartet is back in action with a brand new LP, Soft Dial Tone, just made available for your listening pleasure. It was tracked locally at Tiny Telephone, and tape heads take note, the cassette will be coming in the future from Lost Sound Tapes.

“Comfort” is the first single, and stands as compelling an anthem for these sad-ass times as we’ve run across yet. The intro feedback is a literal EKG reminding us that, for the moment, we’re still kicking, and no matter what crap is laid on our doorstep, we need to keep it moving. The harmonies offer a succor that reminds us, no one’s gonna take care of us, it’s in our hands.

The band features Shannon Bodrogi and Jenna Marx on guitars, with a rhythm section of Mai Oseto and Rebecca Redman. Everyone on vocals, and Shannon and Rebecca collaborated on the album art. Bigger picture, the rest of the LP sands off some of the rougher edges, revealing sonic gems, like the sub-two minute wonder “Just Dirt”. “Shark Skin” is the must-hear epic hiding within, and “Dull Look” resurrects the guitar impact of the band’s debut full-length through more world-weary eyes. Closer “When Seeds Thinned Out” sums up the LP’s greatest trick, to look unflinching and still find hope.

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