April 26. 2021 | By Wayne Jessup

San Francisco’s Silverware is Ainsley Wagoner: Adobe designer by day, haunter of the Tiny Telephone studio by night, truly a superhero we would design. Levity aside, the fruits of her labor are readily apparent on the new Silverware LP No Plans, just released last Friday on FreshWash.

The line “what I came for… is not finished yet” from her 2019 single “Finish Line” serves prophetic, and the new LP kicks off with a one-two punch of the luminous “Daniel” and janglefest “Take Me With You”, already flying out of the gates even before getting to first single “Important”.

With a series of EP’s under her belt informed by the journey from her native Kentucky to the Bay Area, No Plans focuses the emphasis on her voice, both writing (title track), and singing, (finding church in the coda of “31”), before closing out with the masterful “Cat Feet”. At 27 minutes, it doesn’t overstay its welcome and comes loaded with enough gems to beg for re-listens.

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