August 31. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

When a band has really grown on you, approaching a new offering can be a mixed bag of anticipation and dread, hoping it will measure up. Here at the Nest, we were totally hooked on Toronto’s Poor You, and their debut EP Lucky To Be Here.

Spring single “Everything In The Wind” was the first clue of them transcending the bedroom vibe of earlier work, and with that, we dove into their new EP Arms Length.

The loping opener “The Reaper” sets the tone; it’s hook city, and thematically slides in with an easy bid for 2020 anthem status. “2001” starts more deliberately, and builds throughout. By the end of the grinding guitar coda, we’re literally bursting out laughing; it’s deliriously perfect, ending brusquely and dumping into “Head On”, once again spiked at the end with Those Guitars.

A bittersweet vibe permeates the remainder, the aforementioned single, and masterful closer “So Much Time To Pretend”. As a sustained shorter work, it’s relentless re-playability is reminiscent of All Dogs self-titles four song 7”.

As a bonus for those mourning the current lack of live shows, we’ve included Poor You’s live performance of “2001”, recorded at the Piston, Toronto in 2019, courtesy of Will Agnew.

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