May 18. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup
Photo: Amayah Harrison @amayahmedia

SF-based Maggie Gently, (AKA Maggie Grabmeier from The Total Bettys) has hit the ground running with a new EP,  Good Cry, due out 5/29 on Brace Cove Records. Sonically pushing on from the Betty’s sound, the stripped down trio is completed with Maggie’s brother Joey on drums and Sinclair Riley (Pllush, The She’s) on bass.

Thematically a welcome continuation of heartbreaks and triumph, “Alive” is the just released new single, bringing the hooks and refining her dynamic take on power pop. The lyric video for lead single “Every Night”, (below), does a great job nudging the boundaries of the form, and atypically, rewards pausing and rewatching, plus adds a cute cat for the attention-challenged.

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