January 06. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

Back in November, we shined a light on Kiwi Jr’s “Salary Man”, off of their Football Money LP, released in Canada on Mint Records. We’re delighted to announce that Persona Non Grata Records is giving the LP an official US release on 1/17/20. From the lead track, “Murder In The Cathedral”, it fits like a comfy sweater, ragged but right, totally belying it’s painstaking construction in the downtime of real life. Football Money tears through ten songs in under half an hour, with the relentless pace broken up by the beauty of “Comeback Baby” and “Soft Water Apple”, before returning to the glorious thrash of the title track. It’s an intoxicating triumph.

Kiwi Jr will be in the UK for shows in late January/early February and NYC for the New Colossus Fest in March, followed by SXSW ’20 in Austin, Texas. The band has also released a brand new video for “Gimme More”. Check it out below…

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