June 22. 2020 | By Wayne Jessup

Grumpster is an Oakland trio consisting of Falyn Walsh, Lalo Gonzalez Deetz, and Noel Agtane. Both a beneficiary and a backer of 924 Gilman, they debuted in 2017 with the “KAIROS” single, before going on to release the Cutting Ties EP. Their debut full-length Underwhelmed came out last November on Asian Man Records. Kicking off with the title track, it’s a mini-epic, shifting tempos from intense to throttling, and sets a template for all to come.

“Ruins” dials it back, setting up “Roots” perfectly, and as rewarding as the full-fledged rockers are, the tracks show a propensity for growth admirable in such a young band. Continuing with “Tunnel Vision”, “Put Me To Sleep” and “Nausea”, it’s an impressive run showing the band subduing inner demons with a cathartic noise. “Bad Seed” brings it home on an acoustic note, making them high on the list to see when live shows return. Grumpster is a band to keep your eyes on in the future.

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