June 15. 2011 | By Mike Sabino

The sounds of your favorite indie-pop bands like The Shins, Decemberists, and Jenny Lewis, whisked away on holiday to tropical isles. Beaches Bacardi Breeze! Falling in (and out of) the clutches of love! Everybody Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah! There‚Äôs even glorious hand-clapping on the whimsical windswept three-song first EP (entitled Fialta 3P) from this San Luis Obispo Californian foursome, Fialta (David Provenzano, Beth Clements, Sarah Shotwell, Mike Leibovich). There is nothing new in the love songs they take turns singing, yet they make folky-pop songs sound fresh and vibrant, like a love rekindled. This is the feeling achieved, as their sweet soft exterior sound yearns to escape from more somber lyrics, where it often turns to winter as they dream of summer escapes… and a full summer album.

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