May 20. 2011 | By Trina Starke

Only in its infancy, Toronto band Shoot the Image released their debut album in April. But prior to release of Cranes In The City, they began generating interest even before family members knew of the music coming from duo Erin Landry and Simeon (fill in the blank). No really, we have no idea what his last name is and it seems to be all a part of their plan.

The Owl Mag: Congratulations on the recent release of your debut LP, Cranes In The City. Where did the title of the album come from?

Shoot the Image: During the Winter of 2010 we spent most nights driving around Toronto trying to figure out vocal melodies. We really noticed the drastic changes in our city’s skyline and also started to realize a ton of our favorite places were disappearing. Sim loved the idea of actual cranes living in a large city. We were both also fascinated by the multitude of construction cranes littering the downtown core.

The Owl Mag: Morrissey guitarist, Boz Boorer, produced Cranes. How did Shoot the Image hook up with him?

Shoot the Image: A couple of years ago we found Boz’s MySpace page and sent him a message. We were completely floored when he actually responded. Over the next year we talked back and forth about new bands and cool movies, etc. Sim booked an acoustic show at 12 Bar Club in London, UK. Boz and his wife, Lyn, came to the show. After a few pints they invited us to record our debut album at their studio in Portugal. At the time Shoot the Image was just an idea, but after that night in England it really set the band in motion. Boz called in January, 2010 and simply said, “Are we going to do this thing or what?” The whole experience was unreal!

The Owl Mag: Prior to the release of Cranes there was a lot of secrecy about STI. Actually there still is as your band website doesn’t list the members nor the roles they play. How about an introduction to STI and its members?

Shoot the Image: We wanted to record the album, make the videos, set the release parties, etc. without being told it wasn’t possible. Many of our friends and family didn’t even know about the existence of Shoot the Image until last month. The irony being that the band started to pick up momentum online before we technically even existed. A full introduction to the band? They’re still too shy. My name is Erin Landry. I can’t imagine that would even show up in a Google search.

The Owl Mag: Wow, so you’re still going to keep us in the dark? Interesting! Okay. You recorded Cranes in Portugal at Boz’s Serra Vista Studios, is that correct? How was that experience?

Shoot the Image: Serra Vista is a villa located deep in the mountains of Portugal and is by far the most beautiful studio we’ve ever been to! There’s no cell phone or internet service which is incredible for a working environment. We worked 15-hour days for 3 weeks. The rest of the time was spent laughing, eating great food, going for walks, drinking beer and wine, seeing the ocean and Lisbon. Some of the best moments were late at night when Lyn would pull out the stand up bass and her and Boz would play killer rockabilly tunes together! We can’t wait to record the second album there in 2012!

The Owl Mag: I understand there are plans in the works to create a video for every song off of your debut. That’s quite an undertaking not to mention expensive. Tell us a bit more about that decision.

Shoot the Image: A few years ago we invested in a ton of film gear. We learned how to shoot and edit ourselves. The only reason we’ll be able to shoot ten videos is because we can do it all ourselves. Our first video for Lithograph was different however. We flew in director Olaf Blomerus from Vancouver and he brought in his own DP Jessie Blight. We’ll still bring in various directors and film makers for the remaining videos.


Lithograph – Shoot The Image from Olaf Blomerus on Vimeo.

The Owl Mag: Brilliant! Are there any plans to go on tour to promote Cranes?

Shoot the Image: We talk about touring a lot. We would live on the road if given the opportunity. Right now we’re focused on building a team so we can get there. Touring blindly doesn’t make any sense to us. We’d rather spend ten hours on Twitter and talk to twenty interesting people than spend ten hours on the highway to play a near empty club to people who could care less about our band. Right now plans are in the works to play shows from strange locations while streaming them live online. For example: we’ll rent a generator and play from a forest.

The Owl Mag: Before making music together what were each of you, Simeon & Erin, doing with your lives?

Shoot the Image: Sim has always been a musician and also is involved with film. I was an Urban Planner. This is my first band. I sort of became a singer by accident.

The Owl Mag: When not making music what are you doing?

Shoot the Image: Bartending.

The Owl Mag: Vinyl and cassettes are making a comeback. Are either of you vinyl collectors? Will Cranes In The City be available on vinyl?

Shoot the Image: Being a DIY band is very expensive, but vinyl is on the horizon. Although we released the album in April, we’re still going through growing pains as a band. It will take a few more months before we’re fully operational.

The Owl Mag: What are you listening to? Who are you favorite bands at the moment?

Shoot the Image: We absolutely LOVE Phantogram! Also NYC band The Hundred in the Hands are amazing. I tend to lean more towards old school reggae (Desmond Decker, The Paragons) and punk rock while Sim is more about Doves & Interpol. We both meet in the middle at Blonde Redhead. Our circle of friends in Toronto consist of two amazing bands Secret Broadcast and Fast Romantics. We love them! Also Ryan Isojima & Rayane Lepieszo (Formerly The Framework) have a new project in the works which we’re excited for!

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