HEAR THIS: Young Wonder

January 14. 2013 | By Rebecca McCann


In time for summer, an electronic pop duo have emerged with the ideal soundtrack to lazy afternoons. From Cork, Ireland, the aptly named Young Wonder sound like your secret daydream, bursting with unbridled imaginings and vocals that tickle and tantalize.

The wide-eyed and frivolous, break-all-the-rules, think-outside-the-square domain is often inhabited by youth, and Young Wonder don’t paint within the lines. Their syncopated rhythms dance in between dubbed-out basslines, and flirt with pop synths alongside underground pulsating beats. This is illustrated most eloquently on “Pulse.”

Ride a wave of ecstasy through sonic delights, dips, and dives with us – Young Wonder deliver choppy, layered samples pierced with melodic prettiness and shimmer and shine with promise!

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