YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: "Nero (live @ The Goat Farm)" by Little Tybee

March 17. 2011 | By Trina Starke

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia come a group of long-time friends and eclectic musicians otherwise known as Little Tybee. At its core, Little Tybee, named from a tiny island off the coast of Georgia, is five-members strong; however, for the purposes of recording their latest, Humorous To Bees, the group collaborated with fourteen instrumentalists giving their sophomore album a full-bodied orchestral sound. Little Tybee’s latest video “Nero (live @ The Goat Farm)” is like sipping on a warm cup of rich cocoa while reading the paper on a Sunday morning. Who knew a goat farm could be so tasty? It’s warm and inviting, yet sweetly complex with its layers of instrumentation including an 8-string guitar, flute, and violin. We’ve got two copies of Humorous To Bees to give away. Just name your fave thing a goat gives the world, ie. milk, Goat Boy, mutton. Do so in the comments below.

Little Tybee – Nero (live @ The Goat Farm) from Brock Scott on Vimeo.

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