YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Wild Palms” by Sun Airway

October 05. 2011 | By Katie

I’m a sucker for cathedral videos. Maybe it’s because I listen to a lot of folk music, which often uses the high-ceilinged buildings for both videos and gigs. Or maybe they tap into a latent spirituality that I’ve spent my life trying to deny. God only knows. In any case, Sun Airway uses one a bit differently: even though Jon Barthmus sits in pews looking pensive, the camera glides over the space in such a way that it loses its churchiness. Chandeliers flicker rhythmically, red and blue paint stand out from the dark backdrop, and copies of Barthmus roll along, assembly-line style. It’s an interesting twist on a familiar scene, and I could almost hear the synths bouncing off the walls.

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