April 11. 2012 | By Lisa Gerarde

There aren’t many bands nowadays that tell their fans they’ll make a new EP simply because they got 1,500 likes on their Facebook page. But The Miracals did just that. The collegiate quartet from Southern California (formerly known as The Smiles) serves up sunshine, sweetness, and surf-rock in their two EPs, Hermosa and Give Me A Chance. Fans of Coconut Records and The Beach Boys will love the brilliant harmonies, feel-good melodies, and lyrics tinged with summer lovin’ lost and found. Turn them on when you’re skipping out early from the office or the lecture halls on Friday afternoon for that Endless Summer feeling. Both of their EPs Hermosa and Give Me A Chance are available for a free download off their Facebook page.

The Miracals never fail to deliver awesome surf-rock/summer romance-style music, and today they give their fans a pictorial musical show with the video for their single “Pretend.” This clever video perfectly captures the quartet’s perky beats and harmonious vocals. The stop-motion photographic storyline outline the boys in various frames of perception through the young photographer’s point of view, and they all end up in a jumble on her wall, but still remain a cohesive memory, much like a end-of-summer vacation.

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