YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Tonight’s the Kind of Night” by Noah and the Whale

April 25. 2011 | By Katie

Noah and the Whale wouldn’t exist without film. At the very least, the London quartet would be called something else–after all, the band’s name is an ode to Noah Baumbach and his film, The Squid and the Whale. The band that helped birth England’s ‘”new-folk” scene has also specialized in quirky videos, from the adorably twee video for “5 Years Time” to the 45-minute film based on sophomore album The First Days of Spring. Although lead singer Charlie Fink has directed them all, this latest is a departureboth visually and sonically. “Tonight’s the Kind of Night” utilizes themes of classic Americana, like the wide-eyed boy leaving home on a Greyhound bus. It feels more polished and, frankly, less English. Like all of Last Night On Earth, it proves that Noah and the Whale consistently defy categorization.

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