YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “This Is Sally Hatchet” by Father John Misty

May 18. 2012 | By Hillary Smith

J. Tillman, ex-drummer of Fleet Foxes, has pulled yet another odd music video out from what seems to be and endless hat of bizarre, yet great ideas. Purgatory Pizza is a place you may want to avoid should you come across it in real life, but a great scene for the mini movie that Tillman and Co. used it for. We’ve watched “This Is Sally Hatchet” more than a few times and aren’t sure if it’s even meant to be analyzed. But we are sure that from one scene to the next, there are beautiful, dancing gals, lots of guns, some severed fingers, the word “purgatory” twice, a pentagram, and…pizza. Go forth and watch for yourself, be confused, and then watch it again. And if you ever meet a Sally Hatchet on the street, run. Run far, far away.

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