YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Street Parade” by Theresa Andersson

June 14. 2012 | By Wayne Jessup

A mysterious key left in a box emblazoned: “An Invitation” beckons you into the world of Theresa Andersson. Her new video “Street Parade” was lovingly shot by Alicia J. Rose on location in the Swedish singer’s adopted hometown of New Orleans, specifically the Upper 9th Ward/Bywater Neighborhood, and at Dithyrambalina.

The use of the interactive Music Box sound installation is particularly inspired. As an ode to the beauty and history of New Orleans, it’s hard to beat, and makes us want to book a ticket stat, and explore every nook and cranny. Musically, she’s moved beyond her one-woman band roots, integrating the horns that give depth to the song, paving the way for Andersson’s amazing voice to take center stage in this ode to perseverance.

Check out “Street Parade” here:

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