YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Mukraker” by Conveyor

January 02. 2012 | By Katie

Here it is, my first 2012 prediction: Brooklyn band Conveyor is going to be big. They’re following up spring’s Sun Ray EP with a debut album, and “Mukraker” is our first tantalizing taste of the new material. You can download the track over at One Thirty BPM, but in the meantime, watch the creative live video from Breakthru Radio’s Hear & There. It makes me want to pull the Christmas lights off the tree, throw them on the kitchen counter, and start a jam session.

This blurb is too good not to pull from the press release:

“[“Mukraker”] is a droning experiment in melody. The song channels hyperventilating Soviet-era cosmonauts trapped in spiraling death capsules, undocumented heroes propelled towards the infinite birth canal of the universe. The only chord in the song is “A.” The song elicits alpha-wave resonances which trigger neocortical hallucinations when played on repeat for extended lengths of time; sonic stargazing.”

That’s not quite the vibe I got, but to each his own.

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