YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Judas” by The Shimmies

March 18. 2011 | By Jason Jurgens

This one just “shimmied” into the inbox (thank you Brandon). First glance has me reminiscing back to Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”… scrawny kid from a broken home, picked on by punky classmates, goes apeshit on his bullies. His name even starts with a J. I think the messaging here is more about revealing one’s true identity despite surrounding peer pressure. (It takes a morbid turn through True Blood-ville for that revelation.)

There’s a strong Local Natives meets Band of Horses vibe too, particularly the latter as the video goes Swayze’s Ghost on us. As a takeaway, stay away from the spiked punch if you see a Casper-looking dude milling around the bowl.

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