YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “It’s Not You, It’s Here” by Alekesam

January 27. 2012 | By Sean Morris

Alekesam‘s “It’s Not You, It’s Here” video invites imaginations to run wild. Geometric shapes flash briefly before a silhouette of a seemingly nude female slowly gyrates for the duration. Obvious parallels can be drawn, but it’s much more fun to think up a possible back story. Considering the sensuous scene unfolds on what appears to be crinkled paper, perhaps this is a glimpse into the wandering mind of an adolescent schoolboy. The song is soft-core soul at its finest; though a line like “if it costs me my life, it’s at a discount price” might be too cerebral for Skinemax.

Check out the video for “It’s Not You, It’s Here”:

ALEKESAM – “It’s Not You It’s Here” from Alekesam on Vimeo.

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