YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” by The Dig

August 23. 2012 | By Trina N. Green

Losing love and love lost are haunts of the heart, but there is some refuge to be found if their musical incarnations have a great bassline to offset the bitterness.

Tyler Greco gets the stylistic assist for creating the visual aid to “I Already Forgot Everything You Said.” True to their nature, The Dig do a certain something that is an art unto itself, which is chill out the sharp emotional edges of a song that is all about being gutted by love. The soundscape is eerie, yet oddly elegant. Enter Greco who takes the haunt even further using the remains of a dynamic space (in this case a run down Manhattan building set for renovation) and visually pairing the ghosts of good times past with the remains of a relationship in distress. From the peeling walls to the broken-down furniture to the dust that lingers in the air to the agitation of Emile Mosseri’s stomping foot (next to dishes being flipped, it’s as tumultuous as things get), all things unravel in the distance to Mosseri deftly telling it like it is and the metronomic timing of Mark Demiglio‘s drums.

See “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” by The Dig:

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