YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Car Song” by Spank Rock feat. Santigold

March 13. 2012 | By Sean Morris

Twenty years ago, a bespectacled rapper wearing suits and polka dots shirts with a preposterous process/fade coif would be expected to have lyrics about dancing prowess, Christina Applegate, or recycling. In 2012, we get Cloverfield, Cornel West, and public exposure in luxury hotels. Hooray for progress! Spank Rock is an intriguing figure with more than a passing interest in electronic pop and (gasp!) a decent flow to back up his indecent braggadocio. Despite set pieces such as fully clothed sauna-goers and near nude body painters, the juxtaposition of Spank’s appearance and content is the most outlandish component of “Car Song.” Also appearing is stunning schoolmarm/seamstress Santigold, channeling Annie Lennox at her most stone-faced.

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