YOU GOTTA SEE THIS: “Boxcar Fair” by Little Tybee

December 23. 2011 | By Katie

I watch a lot of music videos and I’ve discovered several common themes. There’s the kaleidoscopic drug trip video, the forlorn hipster girl video, or the drunken party video; the beach scenes, the vintage camera footage, or the band on tour montage. They start to blur together after a while. But then there are films like “Boxcar Fair” by Little Tybee: it’s original, intricate, and simply lovely. Artists Tom Haney and Brock Scott created actual art and it makes the song come to life. Soak up the beauty and watch Little Tybee’s tale of a wandering explorer.

Little Tybee – “Boxcar Fair” from Little Tybee on Vimeo.

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