HEAR THIS: Wasted Fangs

March 04. 2013 | By Vanessa

Wasted Fangs

Nick Garrison and John Hetherington of Wasted Fangs are no strangers to the Austin music scene. Their side projects include indie electronic band Knifight and the catchy Moving Castles. With the November release of their first self-titled EP, the duo unveiled a looser side mixed with shoegaze and a dash of folk. The six song record is a confection of late night, whiskey laden writing sessions. “When You Sleep” begs you to sit back and pour yourself a stiff one as it opens with, “come sit down my traveled friend, teach me how to embrace the end.” Sweet harmonies and an upbeat tempo provide some levity and an inevitable urge to tap your feet. There’s more to come from these two as they continue working on and releasing new tunes, with each gem sounding better than the last.

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