HEAR THIS: Tumbleweed Wanderers

May 08. 2013 | By Claire Wohlers


One of our favorite things about road trips are the mixtapes we make for them. It sets the mood. The right songs can define your entire trip—if the music sucks, you’re trapped in a car for 15 hours. If the music rocks, you’re on a fun adventure by automobile. We’d be happy to let the San Francisco-born Tumbleweed Wanderers set the tone for our trip. Their soulful hooks and folky guitars keep their sound warm without putting us to sleep, which can be major danger of listening to folk music while driving. One of their standout tunes is “Worn Down Welcome.” It has an awesome brass section that provides enough energy and spunk to keep us excited even in that unbearable stretch of farmlands, not an easy feat, but they’re worth giving a listen before you start out on your next adventure!

Tumbleweed Wanderers: Worn Down Welcome from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.

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