September 27. 2018 | By Wayne Jessup

Adrianne Lenker takes a break from Big Thief to work with Luke Temple. Her solo LP abysskiss is due out 10/5 on Saddle Creek, and just in case you’ve managed to recover from “Cradle,” check out brand new track “symbol.” Sound the Distant Early Warning klaxon for 2019 touring dates!

We scour the globe to find you worthy shoegaze, and this time the Nest sets its sights on India, specifically Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Lo! Peninsula follows up their 2017 single “Chasing Tidal Waves” with debut EP AKA Lo Peninsula, and their very first video, the transcendent “Another Divine Joke.”

LA’s Flat Worms have wasted no time following up last year’s self-titled full length, unleashing the hounds on their new single “Melt The Arms” on Famous Class. ‘Recorded in Ty Segall’s home studio’ is your literal Good Housekeeping seal…

While we continue to light candles in memory of Wax Idols, it’s worth remembering a crucial part of their legacy: they did not fuck around when it came to opening bands. Shoutout to Hether Fortune for the tip on this one: Texas-based Cat-Ion currently has but a demo tape up, but it’s worth your time to pursue. The sonic assault of “Woman Vs. Self” will rewire your brain in 99 seconds.

In closing, all we need to say is “Fuck yeah, new Cloud Nothings!”

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