HEAR THIS: There There

May 16. 2013 | By Lauren Nagel


Phoenix-based There There satisfies that ’90s-trip-hop-rock itch that few others can scratch. With a healthy helping of reverb—in both vocals and the four-piece’s multiple, expansive guitars—it’s no surprise that There There’s sound is often compared to that of the Cocteau Twins and Blonde Redhead. The mix on their debut EP Like Love also reminds us of Bat For Lashes, especially in regards to singer Alisha Ways’s dreamy, semi-operatic tone—she’s taking you places, man, and you’re going to want to go to there (there). She only returns from the heavens in the last track, “All Things Come To Pass,” when you start to hear some soul in those melodies, tensely playing against Portishead-esque basslines… Comparisons aside, Like Love’s five tracks are solid, moody, and make us want to get high and re-lace our Doc Martens in your mom’s basement. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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