HEAR THIS: The Early Days of Aviation

March 11. 2013 | By Gabe Rosenberg


Drenched in cloudy synthesizers, The Early Days of Aviation is dream pop heaven. Unfortunately, offerings from the band are slim, so the euphoric haze quickly dissipates. With textures reminiscent of The Postal Service, tracks like “Love Come Down” feature glistening keyboards and the light touch of a drum machine. When the singer admits, “I can’t help the way that I feel,” the instruments mimic his vocal melody and the effect is charming.

The band’s other track on The North Cascades Demos glide along a similar electronic aesthetic. Turn to “Stasis” from their Statis/Surfin’ Europa single, however, and distorted bass and guitar take the lead. It shows the possibility for variety in both musical arrangement and energy. We can only hope a full-length debut is on the way.

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