HEAR THIS: The Ceremonies

April 25. 2013 | By Trina N. Green


Band of brothers, anyone? And that’s in the literal sense as Matthew (21), Michael and Mark Cook (both 19 and fraternal

twins) are The Ceremonies. While young in age and existence as a proper band, these guys seem to have the musical wits about them to step a tad sideways and out of the normal path of musicality that one might come to expect from new bands today. Still somewhat under the radar from the Los Angeles area, yet you can hear the possibilities and the bigger picture in their track, “Land of Gathering,” with it’s playful drum beat, horns, and the employment of some pretty high and wide three-part vocal harmonies among them- almost Beach Boys-esque and nostalgic. They’re working on an EP so keep ears out for that and- in the meantime- ladies (and gents- we don’t judge), feel free to ogle their collective classic bone structure while digging the tune.

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