HEAR THIS: Star & Micey

January 30. 2013 | By Jon Patton


The eponymous leadoff single from Memphis’ Star & Micey’s EP, I Can’t Wait is an insanely catchy indie-folk slapfest. But what makes it a great listen isn’t just the immediately hum-able tune, pop veneer, complete with nah-nahs, the falsetto “woohs,” shuffle beat, and insistent percussion. It’s also got beautiful harmonies (which get a real workout on other parts of the EP), clever rhymes, and especially Joshua Cosby’s soulful and vulnerable voice to bring you back again and again. The band really shows its depth — and its roots — on the follow-up song “No Pet Allowed,” a story about a departed friend from Memphis. It’s an amazingly complete story for two minutes. With the EP itself running a mere ten minutes, the band shows respect for our fried attention spans. Definitely looking forward to more from Star & Micey.

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