SoCal Report: Standing Shadows

May 24. 2011 | By Trina N. Green

Somewhere between the dark and proper cool of Interpol and the frenetic of Prodigy is where you’ll find Standing Shadows: a very well-dressed David Miltenberger, Dan Silver, Mike Greco, and Michael Ascolese. If your average synth-based pop/rock has a slight tendency towards aloof and emotional disconnect, Standing Shadows aims to buck that trend with fusing their electro edges with hearty indie rock credibility. Lyrically and vocally there’s an air of a Britpop invasion, but they never fully cross the pond, and that’s a good thing. Yes, their live show comes equipped with all of the visual aides of atmosphere and illusion (running video, strobes), but it’s the progressive structure of the music, the grooving synths, the solid beats, and edgy guitar (as well as intense and energetic performances) that are set to make their mark upon of the ears Los Angeles and beyond. It’s an alternative sound-scene and a deep mash up of influences; you’ll hear the past and present, but you’ll also hear the potential future where what we still call “indie” takes a slight left turn towards the dance floor, yet still manages to rock.

Upcoming Shows:
May 25th – The Viper Room, Los Angeles

Free download of “We Are Everlasting” HERE.

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