SoCal Report: Sabrosa Purr

March 28. 2011 | By Trina N. Green

Photo by David Kleeman 

This is not a buzz band; buzz bands annoy the shit out of me, as they tend to be more machine hype than worthy listens (still looking at you, The Vaccines). This is not an indie hipster trip of pretension; that annoys the hell out of me, too.

The fact is Sabrosa Purr is a collision of stoner fuzz and metal punched up by guitar rock (\m/) and glam, as ethereal and enigmatic as any drug induced head trip, yet no laws need be broken in order to indulge. Comparisons have been made to many bands of note from Smashing Pumpkins to Jane’s Addiction; let your own ears be the judge for similarities. After that, what is left is the very pure ebb, flow, and flex of the band’s unapologetic and in-your-face muscular thrust (the imagery is intentional), as well as their ability to skirt the edges of definition; dishing a transcendent melody then going My Bloody Valentine loud in the space of a breath. Charmingly, the music is prime to do naughty things to… or you could just rock the fuck out to it.

Delays, effects, beats and loops accent what Will Love (vox/guitar), Angie Mattson (bass), Jeff Mendel (guitar), and Mahsa Zargaran (drums) make happen and that may sound tad confusing as the band draws on many influences, but nothing sounds or feels contrived here. Will’s vocals may make your eyes water and wonder how he can possibly carry on a post-show conversation; so intensely ferocious is the howl he comes equipped with, while his band mates provide a balance of kindle and cool.

Sabrosa Purr has returned from making a healthy mark upon SXSW and play The Viper Room on Monday March 28th. Go. See. Hear. Love.

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