Norcal Report: Forrest Day

August 19. 2011 | By Dustin Shey

The upcoming album from San Leandro (just outside of Oakland) based Forrest Day is an eclectic mix of danceable tunes where singing and rapping are intertwined like an early Sublime record. The self-titled debut due out October 11th from Ninth Street Opus Records is something you’d put on when you’re looking to bob your head, move your feet, and get ready for a fabulously crazy night out on the town.

They’d tell you first themselves that they’re not a punk band, but their live show captures the energy that one might expect if they were hoping for a mosh pit, skank session, or just a generally rowdy time. They’ll be playing all over California in the upcoming weeks so if you needed a crazy evening or just some fun sprinkled in your life, catch them on tour. Or if you’re in San Francisco, they’ll be at The Independent on September 9th.

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