HEAR THIS: Nathan K.

March 14. 2013 | By Gabe Rosenberg

tumblr_miexahM6Jk1rxfxqzo4_1280 Photo courtesy of John Hanson

Nathan Klages is a classic sort of songwriter, one who tells intricate stories with vivid details over the sounds of his guitar. Hailing from Michigan, Nathan K. entrances with relatively lo-fi recordings but high-definition writing chops.

“For Your Own Good,” off his sophomore album Dishes, is a lyrical marvel of parallel structure and repetition: “I was a kid last time I really felt that/the world was a beautiful place/and I guess it’s a beautiful place, but it’s hard to tell.” Other songs such as “Dishes” or “Hospital Walls” incorporate banjo and strings while still feeling like a home recording. Like John Darnielle, except with a better voice, Nathan K. reaches emotional truths that don’t require glossy production.

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