HEAR THIS: Natalia Kills

November 14. 2013 | By Nori Bell-Bhuiyan

natalia kills1Natalia Kills makes pop music, that’s for sure, but there’s no way this girl is your typical happy-go-lucky pop-princess. Kills music will have you up and dancing even as it cuts you to the bone. With her sophomore release Trouble, the singer steps out of the synth-pop zone of debut album Perfectionist and into a darker, lyrically edgy blend of piano, electric guitar and powerful drum lines that fits somewhere between pop and electronic rock music. Her song writing skills put other indie-pop contemporaries like Lana Del Rey to shame and the music production is as slick as a pop song can be while still being chilling and slightly discordant in that dance-house glitch music way. Kill’s song “Rabbit Hole” is the most fun a pop song can have whilst being shamelessly dirty and truly sinister.

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