THE LO DOWN: Get:Live with Daveed Diggs

January 19. 2011 | By Lauren Nagel

This video came across my desk last week and the song’s been ringing in my ears ever since. You don’t have to be a Bay native — or even a fan of hip-hop, for that matter — to appreciate what these cats in Oakland are doing with the Get:Live sessions: a series of webisodes created and produced by Bay supergroup Getback Productions featuring emerging artists in studio and on stage. The Getback’s mission? To keep good art in rotation. I think we can all cheers to that.

Check out Daveed Diggs — backed by Bay notables Max Miller-Loran, Chukwudi Hodge, and Dion Decibels — in episode 3, and be sure to keep an eye on and here at the Owl for more on the Get:Live sessions. (This week’s episode 4 features SF heavy-hitter, DaVinci.)

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