HEAR THS: Will Croucher

August 25. 2011 | By Mayumi Okamoto

Will Croucher, meet everyone. Everyone, this is Will Croucher. Multi-instrumentalist. Southern gentleman. Shoegaze aficionado. Something about shoegaze aesthetic always manages to overwhelm the senses and strikes a chord with the submerged mind, like the perfect soundtrack to that state of mind somewhere between being awake and asleep. July 2011 marked the release of multi-instrumentalist Will Croucher’s aptly named EP I’d Rather Be Dreaming on Glowmobile Recording Company. The five track lo-fi EP recorded in Croucher’s home in Knoxville, Tennessee is packed full of big sound, distorted guitars, and muted vocals coaxing you out of a foggy haze. Croucher’s echoey lamenting vocals on “The One That Got Away” tells a tale of regret and as he rhetorically wonders what it would feel like to kiss the lips of his lost love. When not focusing on his own solo career, Croucher can be seen on tour with Mike Diaz aka MillionYoung as his live drummer. Given that I’d Rather Be Dreaming was recorded as a one-man show, we wouldn’t be surprised if Croucher performed both the drums and guitar himself and overdubbed them with his vocals during the mixing process. The work of this experienced renaissance man could easily be sandwiched between My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless and Autolux’s Future Perfect for a mouthwatering tasty shoegaze sandwich. Yummy.

Will Croucher (Glowmobile Recording Company)- Wave by PlanetaryOnlinePR

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